Dr. Earta Norwood

Video Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

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Professional Background
for Dr. Earta Norwood

I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Maryland College Park and completed my clinical internship at the University of Virginia. My research focused on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of anxiety, and disorders which often accompany it.

My clinical work involved clients from diverse backgrounds based on age and socioeconomic status, gender and gender identity, religion and ethnicity. I worked with students, active military, veterans, and members of the LGBT+ community.

Using a range of cognitive and behavioral approaches which focused on solutions, I developed an integrative and eclectic therapeutic style centering on treatment tailored to the needs of clients.

Therapy Can Work for You

Therapy allows you to take control of your life. Through your work with a therapist, you can find focus and motivation, joy and inspiration. Even though you may feel anxious or even paralyzed with worry, you can overcome these feelings.

We will find--together--the obstacles which stand in your way, those things lead to guilt, lack of energy, and feelings overwhelmed. Once we know the obstacles and can call them by name, we will find ways around them, through them, over them: we will strategize. With these coping skills, we will find the ways to accomplish your goals.

I use video therapy in my practice. Video therapy allows you to work on your goals from a safe place. Where you are comfortable and relaxed. You don’t have the added worry of traffic and delays interfering with your therapy.

Call me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We’ll find out if we are a good fit for therapy, and then begin the process of achieving your goals.

Therapy for behavioral, cognitive,
and emotional distress

The process of therapy will take us through a three-stage journey--acknowledge, strategize, accomplish. Through our work together, you will come to acknowledge the challenges you face. Once we know where we are, we will create a plan for ongoing treatment create the strategies you need to work through those challenges. Finally, with a set of sound strategies and coping mechanisms, you’ll be on the path to accomplish your goals--confidently and surely.

In my practice, I am flexible, warm, and nonjudgmental. Having lived with people in three countries on two continents, I have experienced a wide range of cultural backgrounds and I use that experience in therapy. Most importantly, I remain current with research in the field, and apply the findings from that research in my therapy sessions.

Therapy and the Military

One of the meaningful clinical experiences of my life occurred during the four years between receiving my master’s degree and my doctorate. While my husband served in the U.S. Army and deployed to OIF, I was able to engage in treatment and research at several Army posts.

While at Fort Benning and Fort Huachuca, I worked with the Chaplains at both posts to help with the mental health treatment of military personnel. During our time at Fort Campbell, I assisted researchers at Vanderbilt University. Our projects focused on the Army’s Post-Deployment Health Reassessment Program, and the Nashville Veterans’ Administration PTSD treatment program.

My clinical work during my years at military posts had a crucial influence on my thinking and career in Clinical Psychology. These experience gave me a deep sense of the impact therapy can have on people--providing them with meaning and relief.

Dr. Earta Norwood

Video Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Please call me at 571-357-3459 to discuss whether we may be a good fit. I am here to help.

4803B Eisenhower Ave
Alexandria, VA 22304